Do you ever feel you work harder than your clients?

Are you tired of feeling isolated in your practice?

Are you ready to feel re-inspired about helping people?


  You are not alone!  

We hear from therapists, counselors, educators and healers like you every day who say they feel stuck in their routines. Of course, they say, they are doing good work – but something…something just feels missing.

  • You might feel constrained in all that you’d like to offer in your agency setting.
  • You might feel disappointed that you don’t have a community of like-hearted colleagues to collaborate and vision with.
  • And you just might be sick and tired of having a sore butt at the end of the day! (Who knew listening to clients would be so hard?!)

If this describes you, then WELCOME…you’re in the right place!


We are here to tell you that you CAN:

  • feel inspired in what you bring to your work.
  • have dynamic therapy sessions that don’t feel canned or lifeless.
  • use your own wisdom, intuition, and expertise to engage your clients and help them heal faster.
  • be connected with other professionals locally, around the country (and world!) who bring vitality, creativity and magic to their work.
  • be supported by others in our field who are committed to collaboration not competition.
  • trust a process bigger than yourself to hold your therapeutic work.
  • grow your practice through far-reaching referral sources.


If you are a skilled, thoughtful, open, curious professional
We Want YOU In The 4-D Network


The 4-D Network is made of up of licensed therapists, psychologists, sex therapists, counselors, educators and healers who use the engaging and innovative 4-Dimensional Wheel of Sexual Experience as an interactive map that guides their clients to explore the:



This approach goes way beyond the diagnosis-and-treatment model. 

Working the Wheel is an integrative, practical approach that empowers clients by inviting them to define and differentiate their own issues-body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Clients can step into their own unique gender identities, partner choices, cultural attitudes, feelings, histories, angsts, etc. with respect and collaboration from therapists.  The Wheel becomes their arena for growth and change.  And sometimes a structure for magic—spontaneous insight, opening, healing, power.

At the same time, practicing the core dynamics of the Wheel (movement, ritual, creating safe space, and concretizing abstract concepts) can be as transformational for therapists as clients, especially for therapists who feel burnt out because:

  • you’re exhausted from working so hard.
  • you suffer from sitting in your chair for another 8-hour day.
  • you feel stuck and long for ways to wake up both yourself and your clients.

Plus, working the Wheel frees therapists from having to be Experts in Everything.  When clients are in the Wheel, the therapists’ job is to hold space, listen with care, and question intelligently—as if we are entering a new land, and our clients are our guide to the language.


Are you ready to learn more?

Please don’t wait one more minute.

You do not have to do this powerful work of healing alone anymore! Click here to learn more about 4-D Trainings and Certification Programs. Or, send us an email and one of our Educational Directors will get back to you shortly to answer any questions that you might have.


We cannot wait to meet you!


Wheel at 4-D Mexico training–We each brought 2 objects-one to represent our professional gifts, another to represent how we hold ourselves back. Exploring our gifts and obstacles in each quadrant initiated quantum leaps in our professional growth!

Our Approach

The 4-D Network We are a community of professionals dedicated to helping our clients access the healing and power they need to experience new depths of self-esteem …

Our Approach

4-D Practitioners meet in Prague after presenting at the World Association of Sexual Health (WAS) Tina Nevin (Lenhovda, Sweden), Gina Ogden (Cambridge, MA), Patti Britton (Los Angeles, CA), Debra Wickman (Phoenix, AZ)

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For clients seeking therapists-and professionals seeking colleagues-4-D Practitioners offer numerous approaches and skill-sets to connect body, mind, heart, and spirit.

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The 4-D Network practices diversity
Our practitioners include and/or welcome heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, questioning, and transgender people of all ages and from diverse races, cultures, and belief systems.
Several of our practitioners are fluent in languages other than English.