What People Say

“I am amazed every single time I use the Wheel with my clients. It has never failed to deepen the content of the clinical work. Using it moves clients rapidly into a stage of insight and healing that would have taken many months to achieve through standard therapies such as CBT and psychodynamic therapy, and generates hope and optimism as clients rediscover their own potential rather than being stuck in their negative stories about themselves. I find using the Wheel an invigorating and effortless, and I am routinely awed by clients’ ability to generate new felt experiences and deeper insights.” -Lindsay Jernigan, PhD, MA
“I am continuously surprised at how smoothly catharsis emerges and how solutions develop that I could never have dreamed of myself. The process has enabled a depth of story and meaning beyond any theoretical approach I had learned in my 15 years as a therapist.” –Kamara McAndrews, MA, LMFT
“Since 2010, I have found the Wheel to be one of the most helpful, adaptable, world-opening tools in my clinical kit.” –Chelsea Wakefield, PhD, LCSW
“The Wheel has offered me an opportunity to create a space where these men can explore their sexuality without negative judgments and without having to perform (or stop performing) in some specified way. Using the Wheel, I can invite them to examine their internal world and inhabit it in ways they had never been able to before.” –Kristen Hodson, MSW, LCSW
“Using the 4-D Wheel has been a breakthrough in my practice, because it offers a practical and efficient way to help clients literally move the new connections and pathways they have created in their brains directly into their life experience.” –Keesha Ewers, PhD, ARNP-C, FNP
I’ve used the 4-D approach in my private practice as well as personally and am continually amazed by its power to help people access, process, and re-create their sexual stories. –Isa Jones, LAMFT
I want to thank you all for your ability to tolerate pain for growth, your kind eyes and hugs, and for the rich and well supported experience you shared with me during my time on the Wheel during our training. Gina, words cannot describe. Thank you. I look forward to more collaborative work on the wheel. –Tamara Kanter, PhD
What a humbling honor and blessing it was to be in our circle. People keep asking me about what happened. I have been speechless. Tears of joy appear from time to time and all I can say is…I don’t have words to describe what I experienced. What I do know for sure is that the woman / the therapist that met you last Sunday is not the same as the woman / therapist that said goodbye to you on Friday. There has been a seismic shift in me that words cannot describe. I am in so much gratitude for each of you and for your stories. I truly believe that what we did in our circle not just healed each of us but everyone that comes to contact with us and the blessings of our healing will just keep on rippling. –Jacqueline Mendez, LMFT
The 4-D Wheel is a fabulous tool when working with clients in my private practice. Gina has created a model of psychotherapy that is experiential, therapeutic and collaborative. I recommend 4-D Network training to any clinician who seeks a tool where connection to the self is experienced. –Peg Hurley Dawson, LMHC
I think your workshop opened up a new portal in myself that I wasn’t expecting. You have inspired me in ways that words can’t explain. You woke up The GODDESS WITHIN and for the first time in my life, I am letting go of PAIN, DISAPPOINTMENTS and REPLACING them with Bigger DREAMS and more COMPASSION for myself than I quite understand. In turn, that is giving me more compassion for others. –Leia Phillips, Participant at Esalen Institute
My gratitude for you and the space you held for us is beyond my ability to express with words. I feel like I got a piece of myself back. I am sinking into that as I absorb the week. On the wheel I notice physically I can actually feel myself in my body, emotionally I feel some joy and peacefulness deep down, mentally I am clearer and feel a new curiosity, and spiritually I feel connected and magical. More will be revealed 🙂 –Tai Junker, Retreat Participant
I offered a brief training to a group of MFT students, and the feedback that I got from the group was abundant gratitude for another tool in their toolbox for clients. Everyone in the group was a trainee so even though there wasn’t any field experience to connect to, the 4-D Wheel still felt like finding a flashlight in a dark room. Some specific responses from people were, “I can’t believe how profound it was to notice how moving from one object to the other opens so many doors. I didn’t know I had any sexual issues, but I do!” Another participant said, “It is so great to know that there is a model that addresses the multidimensional aspects of ourselves, especially in relation to sexuality.” And finally, “Wow, I didn’t realize how difficult it is to talk about sex. We really are up against so much in this culture. It’s so great to have a place to voice that.” –Laura Purpura
I am a life coach and minister who works with women on developing inner freedom around sexuality. I attended a 4-D Network training in March 2014 and found the 4-D Wheel to be profound in its genius, simplicity and rapid ability to create access to a participant’s psyche in previously unavailable ways.
Participating first hand in the 4-D Wheel template was revelatory and life-changing. Gina Ogden has invented a methodology for working with clients in an egalitarian manner, which allows the facilitator to both contain a group and steer a warm and friendly ship all while employing ancient healing technology.
This is trauma therapy anew, a model to be disseminated to the four winds in service to healing at perhaps a more rapid pace than conventional EMDR trauma therapy or at least as adjunct to it. At the workshop, I watched women reach into depths of psyche which, up until that moment, were unavailable to them. It was clear that this was due to the nature of the Wheel’s supportive, multi-dimensional structure. This work both feels refreshing and ancient. It is also new, out-of-the-box and yet as appropriately boundaried for professionals as it is healing for clients. –Wendy Stretton, MA
The 4-D Wheel is so dynamic, engaging and supportive. You have a magic that I truly appreciate and is clearly so valued by others. My time with the group was fun, intense and illuminating. I am humbled by the job we as therapists do and by how important sensitivity, support and holding is for growth. –Judy Leavitt, EdD, Sex Therapist
This way of working in a holistic way with the client is brilliant– giving the therapists and clients an innovative alternative to sitting across the room from each other and talking for months, or even years on end. –Ginger Holzczer, PsyD, Sex Therapist
Last weekend helped me overcome issues that I had been trying to overcome for a very long time: issues of self-projection (competency, confidence, being an authority, having it all together), and using that projection to connect with people, instead of speaking from my heart. That alone was invaluable. It was always so much easier to speak in general or abstract terms about emotional and spiritual things; so when I found myself frustrated and lost in a jumble of broken words when I attempted to speak from the heart last weekend, I finally saw with exquisite clarity what was really happening. Now I know how to truly connect with people and present my true self to the world, not just a projection.
The immersive nature of our experience basically left me with two options: drown, or swim in this deep ocean of emotion. Emotion is water energy, and I’ve never been friendly with either actual feelings, nor with water itself: in my lifetime, I nearly drowned twice as a child, and never learned to swim. And here, suddenly, water was everywhere: in our tears, in the lake, and in all of my shamanic journeys. So much water! And while at first during this weekend, I felt like I was drowning, I realized that if I let go and stopped struggling, stopped trying to fix myself and others, I could at least float pretty well. So I did that for a while – floated, and learned to hold space and just be there for those who need it, without trying to help or fix them. And now I have hope that one day I’ll learn to swim for real – both physically and emotionally. -Valeria Chuba, PhD., Brighton, MA