A  Gina Legacy Story from Our Swedish Sister: Note from Faculty, Tina Nevin

Dear 4-D Wheel friends,
I love being a part of this fantastic network called The 4 D Network!

After spending a magic week with Gina and Jo as well as a few days with Kamara, I am back in Sweden. During the week, I also had time to meet with Elliot Kronenfeld and Jenn Harris, who I met in Mexico and at Rowe.

As I flew home across the Atlantic Ocean, in the presence of the blood moon, my thoughts went to all the powerful meetings with so many of you and the personal growth it has meant for me.

I know that we are all needed to support the legacy Gina leaves for us, and I know we can do it together. We are all needed to keep building a durable foundation for our Network, and we need to make sure it is financially sustainable as well, so we can be strong in the future.

I know many of you have spent hundreds of volunteer hours working very hard to organize all the details to get our network organized so it could be shared in the way that Gina wanted. You have all of my gratitude! You have given us a strong place to begin.

In Sweden, this method is my guide in the field of cancer rehabilitation, where we have national guidelines stating that we are obligated to address social, physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of a person’s health. The 4-D Wheel is the only method I know that includes all of these aspects. So, we truly have a powerful method to work with and a network that can grow stronger every day.

Most sincerely yours from Sweden – Tina Nevin